Bespoke & Beer 2019

We got into menswear because we love it, it’s an absolute burning passion for us. We love designing and making products, many of which don’t get mass-produced because we wanted them for ourselves. So it’s safe to say that even if it wasn’t as our main business, this is what both Ronnie and I would be doing in one way or another,. We just happen to be really fucking good at it so we were able to quit our day-jobs and make something out of this. Still, building Giorgio Verdi has come with a lot of extra benefits. For me, the lifestyle is actually the best part of the job. I get to dress up, travel the world, and meet the most interesting guys on the planet. I love this feeling, so much that I wanted to share it with those same clients as a gesture of appreciation. That’s why we started our private dinner parties. Our first one was a “Bespoke&Beer” event sponsored by Peroni USA in Dallas, TX in 2018. Next, we partnered with San Pellegrino and hosted “Dinner With The Greats” during Sundance 2019. Most recently we came back to Dallas for our second edition of “Bespoke&Beer”, this time sponsored by one of my favorite Texas beers, Independence Brewing. Each of these events is an opportunity for our clients and friends to dress well, share a great meal, and meet other fascinating gentlemen.
For this dinner, we got together for gourmet pizza at Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine in the Dallas Design District. Here are some of the images from the event, a special thanks to IndyBrewing and DeadSoxy for taking special care of our guests this time around.

What do we talk about? That’s the part worth finding out! What does an NFL player have in common with a philanthropic leader? What can a boxing champion learn from a DJ? What friendships might form between a chef, an entrepreneur, and an artist? It’s never been about famous clients, it’s been about the ones that captivate us with great conversation during their fittings and that will truly enjoy the experience. If you’re a client who hasn’t been invited to one and would like to be, feel free to let us know. As our business continues to grow you can bet these events will be bigger and better year after year.