The Stylists

With complete control over a custom garment that is specifically made for you, what is the point of spending time with us to get what you want?

With thousands of fabrics to choose from, dozens of styles and fits, and another several dozen custom button, thread, and lining choices there are over a million different ways to make a single suit. We custom make everything, we even have options that clients have requested that we didn’t think we’d ever offer (we’re talking to you, David). So again, why, if you can custom build all of your options, would you sit through a consultation with one of our designers? 

Well, we would like to introduce ourselves. 

You know us as Giorgio Verdi, Custom Suit specialists. But, we want to show you who we really are and what we, as “specialists” have to offer. 

Co Founders Ronnie Green (left) and Giorgio Cuellar (right)Meet Ronnie.
When you meet with Ronnie, you’re likely to see his business influence. An admiration for Savile Row tailoring, Ronnie prefers the clean, flattering, lines of a traditional British suit that is to be taken seriously. The drape, aplomb, and construction will be second to none. 

Meet Giorgio.
His style will help you feel something when you look into the mirror. His flavor and attention to detail like any master of their trade, will complete that perfect look. You might notice the heavy influence that his training in southern Italy has had and the way he makes a refined suit with casual details for the right amount of sprezzatura. Giorgio’s taste, like fine wine, endures time, and improves the experience. When these two friends come together, what they bring to the table is the perfect blend of creativity and structure.

 The Giorgio Verdi team is the absolute best when it comes to mastering a look that allows you to express yourself while being taken seriously. Many of our clients don’t even bother going over the millennia of details, as they know they’ve come to us for a reason and trust our experience to design every aspect of their suit. 

 After cultivating personal relationships with mills around Europe, we hand pick fabrics that speak to us. We carefully comb through thousands of samples in order to present you with options that we would wear ourselves and hope to share with loved ones. Some of Italy’s top artisans are our partners for our ties and accessories, so every item we present, has been carefully handed over by our friends. 

Our taste and experience are the reason we have so many celebrity clients and the same reason we have clients in Italy, despite the fact that there are many bespoke options there. We understand traditional Italian and English tailoring, and the way to apply them to life in the modern world.  

We aren’t your Yes-men. We’ll tell you if a fabric won’t work with your complexion. if a cut won’t flatter your body type, or if we think a certain color or feature will limit you. 

It's not hard to find big box "custom suit" stores these days, with limited options and inferior craftsmanship. If price is your main concern or if you don’t remember the last time you felt good in a suit, then those options might work for you. You can buy a suit from an individual who's been instructed to "sell" you. 

And so, when you're ready for a personally curated consultation and not a sales pitch, we'll be here. 

The GiorgioVerdi Team